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The Principles of Salafiyyah   (8 Articles)
Shaykh Ibn al-'Uthaymeen on Tolerance in Differing
The Shaykh explains how Ahl us-Sunnah behave when they differ amongst themselves in matters of ijtihaad. [08-Nov-05 : 10:51 AM]
The Fundamentals (Usool) of the Religion and Its Principles (Qawaa’id) - Part 2 Questions and Answers
The Shaykh finishes this talk with some advice to the Salafiyyeen and answers many questions pertaining to manhaj that relate to the fitnah and the false principles initiated by Abul-Hasan al-Misree al-Ikhwaanee and his followers. [01-May-04 : 12:00 AM]
The Fundamentals (Usool) of the Religion and Its Principles (Qawaa’id)
Shaykh Ubayd mentions and explains the texts from the Book and the Sunnah that outline the fundamentals of the religion, the first and foremost of which is establishing the Tawheed of Allaah, and rejecting and warning from shirk. [05-Mar-04 : 11:12 PM]
Judging A Claimant to Salafiyyah By His Companionship
One of important principles that adds to the clarity and distinction of the da'wah of Ahl us-Sunnah from the da'wahs of the straying Innovators, their friends, allies and those deluded by them. [23-May-01 : 12:00 AM]
Every Century Will Have its Reviver(s)
An explanation of the well-known hadith taken from Awn ul-Ma'bood. Contains quotations from Ibn Hajr, Ibn Atheer and others. [30-Jun-99 : 01:08 PM]
On The Importance of Knowing Men
The great muhaddith of the last century introduces us to the importance of the knowledge of this religion and knowledge of those who carry it. [24-Jul-99 : 10:23 PM]
The Salafi Da'wah with Respect to Other Jamaa'ahs
An explanation as to why attachment to the Salaf in words and actions cannot be considered misguidance. [10-Jun-98 : 09:29 PM]
A Brief Introduction to the Salafi Dawah
An explanation of the knowledge based fundamentals of the Salafi Dawah and the characteristics of those adhering to this way. [10-Jun-98 : 09:08 PM]

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