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Celebrations in Islaam
  Eid Celebrations - Differing from the Disbelievers
Author: Dr. Muhammad al-Jibaly
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  1. Introduction
  2. Completeness of the Deen
  3. Completing That Which Had Been Completed?
  4. Distinct Muslim Identity - Is there a Choice?
  5. Holidays Are Part of the Complete Deen
  6. Imitating Non-Muslims in Celebrations
  7. Bid'ahs and Sinning on Eids
  8. Conclusion
  9. Footnotes


Alamdu li 'Llaah. Indeed, all glory and praise is due to Allaah. We glorify and praise Him and we ask Him for help and forgiveness. In Allaah we seek refuge from the evils in ourselves and from our wrong doings. He whom Allaah guides shall not be misguided, and he whom He misguides shall never be guided.

I bear witness that there is no [true] god except Allaah, alone without any partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad (S) is His Abd(1) and Messenger.

Verily, the best words are those of Allaah (T); the best guidance is that of Muhammad (S); the worst matters [in creed or worships] are those innovated [by people], for every such innovated matter is a bid'ah(2), and every bid'ah is a misguidance which shall reside in the Fire(3).

To many people, celebrating eids(4) is a non-religious matter, and one has the choice to participate in celebrating any eid, for any nation or religion, as long as that does not involve engaging in araam (prohibited) actions. This view is the basis for what we witness repeatedly of Muslims engaging in various celebrations and in sharing in the holidays of other nations. This article is meant to present, based on the Qur aan and the authentic Sunnah, guidelines for evaluating holidays and other related practices. This should enable one to reach a quick and sound conclusion when faced with such events.

Completeness of the Deen(5)

By Allaah's blessing and mercy, Islaam is complete, perfect, and universal in nature. Allaah (T) said (what means): This day I have perfected your religion for you, have completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islaam as your religion. [Al-Maa idah (5) 3] It is narrated by Muslim that some mushrikoon (idol worshipers) tried to mock of Islaam by saying, "It seems as if your prophet has taught you everything, even how to defecate!" When Salmaan (R) heard this he responded with the strong dignity of a true believer: "Yes indeed! He prohibited us from turning our faces or backs to the Qiblah(6) when defecating or urinating, from using the right hand to cleanse ourselves, from using less than three stones to cleanse ourselves [in the absence of water], and from using animal waste or bones to cleanse with."

Allaah's mercy has required that people be informed of all what would save them from the Fire and what would let them into the Gardens of the Hereafter. This was the mission of all prophets, as declared by Muhammad (S): There was never any prophet before me but that his duty was to reveal to his people what he knew to be best for them, and to warn them of what he knew to be evil for them. [Narrated by Muslim] And this was certainly the mission of the Final Messenger (S) as he said: Nothing of what would bring you closer to the Jannah(7) and further away from the Fire but have been clarified [through me] to you. [Authentic; narrated by Amad].

With His encompassing Wisdom, Allaah (T) made His Final Revelation, Islaam, a universal message meant for all peoples, at all times, without any distinction: We have not sent you [Muhammad] otherwise than to mankind at large, to be a herald of glad tidings and a warner. [Saba (34) 28]

Furthermore, this most important Message is preserved intact through the centuries, as is clearly observed today by any impartial examiner. This is in fulfillment of Allaah's promise: It is We Ourselves who have sent down the dthikr (the Message), and it is We who shall surely guard it [from corruption]. [Al-Hijr (14) 9]

We conclude then that:

  1. Islaam contains the complete and perfect guidance for humanity.
  2. Islaam did not neglect any information that would be needed by people to reach happiness and to avoid harm, in all matters, whether minute or large.
  3. Islaam is the only guidance tailored for all peoples at all times.
  4. Islaam has been preserved, and will remain intact through the ages, as the only true guidance capable of helping and saving people.

Completing That Which Had Been Completed?

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