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Sayyid Qutb
  Shaikh Salih al-Fawzan on Sayyid Qutb
Source: Cassette Lecture
Article ID : NDV010001  [30172]  

"The question of reading ‘az-Zilaal’ is a matter open to question, since ‘az-Zilaal’ comprises things which are very dubious, and that we should attach the youth to it and that they should accept the thoughts contained in it - this is the dubious matter since it may have an evil affect upon the minds of the youth. The tafseer of Ibn Katheer and the many tafseers of the scholars of the Salaf are such that they leave no need for the like of this tafseer. Then in reality it is not a tafseer, but rather deals with the general themes of the Soorahs of the Qur’aan in general. So it is not a tafseer in the sense well-known to the scholars since the earliest times - i.e. that the meaning of the (Aayahs) are explained by narrations (‘Aathaar), and that matters contained in them pertaining to the language and eloquence are explained and Sharee’ah rulings contained in them are explained - and before all of this what Allah - the Most Perfect and Most High - means in the Aayahs and the Soorahs is made clear.

As for ‘Zilaalul - Qur’aan’, then it is a ‘tafseer’ dealing with general concepts, and we made call it an ‘objective explanation’ - from the ‘objective tafseers’ that are known in this age. However it is not to be depended upon due to the affairs of Soofism contained in it, and due to the wordings it contains that do not befit the Qur’aan - such as terms pertaining to music and rhythms. *

*[‘az-Zilaal’: 3/1786; 5/2719, 2915, 2917; 6/3404, 3811, 3821, 3845, 3906, 3908, 3915 and 3957 :- 12th edition, 1406H, Daardul-‘Ilm]

Also by ‘Tawheed’ he does not mean Tawheed of worship, but rather he mostly means Tawheed of Lordship (Ruboobiyyah), and if he mentions anything of tawheed of Worship - then he concentrates upon Tawheed of sovereignty and the right to legislate (al-Haakimiyyah) * [‘Ma’aalim fit-Tareeq’: p.26, 29, 38, 40: 15th edition, 1412H, Daarush-Shurooq & ‘al-‘Adaalah ‘al-Ijtimaa’iyyah’ (p.182) - 9th edition:1403 : Daarush-Shurooq]

Then there is no doubt that ‘Haakimiyyah’ is part of Tawheed of worship, but it is not the ‘Uloohiyyah’ that is required.

Then the book should not be set along with Ibn Katheer - that is what I hold - and if the books of the Salaf were to be chosen instead, and the books giving attention to ‘Aqeedah, and tafseer of the qur’aan, and Sharee’ah rulings - then that would be more fitting for the youth." *

*[From the cassette: ‘Majmoo’ maa qaalahu Ibn Baaz hawla naseehatihil - ‘Aamaah liqaa-ma’a hadeethatih. Makkah, 9/8/1412H}


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