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Dr. Saeed Ramadan al-Buti
  A Reply to `Al-Bootee versus a leading Salafee Teacher`
Author: Shaikh Eed al-Abbaasi
Source: Translated by Abu Rumaysah
Article ID : NDV060002  [21398]  
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'Al-Bootee versus a leading Salafee Teacher' is a debate translated by Nuh Ha Meem Keller from the book 'Laa Madh-habiyyah' of Sa`eed Ramadaan al-Bootee in which he apparently makes this Salafee Teacher look like a fool. The full text can be found on Mas`ud Khan's Homepage.

Ever since I first read this debate I remember being astonished at some of the answers that this Salafee Teacher gave, knowing that even a beginner in Salafeeyyah would not have answered in some of the ways these questions put by al-Bootee were answered. I therefore concluded that this narrative must have been grossly exaggerated by al-Bootee, especially since it was obvious that he was quoting from memory and not from a tape or book, however I kept my suspicions quiet as I had no proof.

Recently while reading through the book 'Bid`atut Ta`assub al-Madh-habiyyah' by Shaykh Eed al-Abbaasee I came to realise that the Salafee Teacher mentioned above was none other then this noble Shaykh! This because he presents a chapter in his book devoted to this debate in which he outlines the gross lies that al-Bootee leveled against him. In one of the points he brings [which will be translated later insha`Allaah] he openly calls al-Bootee to a Mubaahalah to show which of the two is lying.

What follows is a translation from the book [pp. 291+]

I have included excerpts from relevant passages from Kellers translation and then listed the comments of the Shaykh.

The Text

Al-Bootee concluded 'Laa Madh-habiyyah' by narrating a specific debate that occurred between myself and him claiming that this section was more important than all of the previous sections [of his book] because it clearly showed a sectarianism that would not be found in any intelligent person.

Then he narrated this debate in a distorted fashion and a way that was far removed from what actually occurred. We have already seen a glimpse at the lies he directed against al-Ma`soomee, may Allaah have mercy upon him, and the Salafees in general while his book and the books of the Salafees are freely available! So after this it is not strange that he should lie against me when this debate was not public, neither was it recorded and no one witnessed it except a few people. However these people are still alive so whosoever wishes to establish what follows then let him ask them.


Al-Bootee wrote as translated by Keller:

Bootee: I dropped the question and said, "all right. Is it obligatory upon every Muslim to examine the evidences for the positions of the Imams and adopt the closest of them to the Qur`aan and Sunnah?"

Salafee [i.e. al-Abbaasee]: "yes."

Shaykh Eed al-Abbaasee says:

I bring Allaah, the Mighty and Magnificent, to witness that this quote is a complete and utter lie, totally concocted! For I never answered in this fashion and neither is it conceivable that I would give this answer! Rather I said to him what he quoted from me after the next sentence, "the people are divided into three categories - the Muqallid, the Muttabi` and the Mujtahid...."

Furthermore this second quote he brings goes to show the fallacy of his first quote for it in no way conforms to it. Again I bring Allaah to witness that I repeatedly mentioned to him that I agreed with him in that the one incapable of investigating and studying [in a scholarly fashion] must perform taqleed and that this was not the topic of our discussion. The difference occurred in the case of the one who was capable of studying and investigating from those who were included in the level of Mujtahid and Muttabi`, however he kept on returning to the case of the one who was incapable of investigation. Then after all of this he lies and writes in his book this fabricated response from me. Indeed Allaah will bring him to account!


Al-Bootee wrote as translated by Keller:

Bootee: "That is something else, and is true without a doubt and without any disagreement among the scholars. But is there any problem with him following a particular mujtahid, knowing that Allaah has not obliged him to do that?"

Salafee: "There is no problem."

Bootee: [Al-Khajnadi's] al-Karras, which you teach from, contradicts you. It says that this is unlawful, in some places actually asserting that someone who adheres to a particular Imam and no other is an unbeliever (kafir)."

Salafee: He said, "where?" and began looking at the Karras, considering its texts and expressions, reflecting on the words of the author "Whoever follows one of them in particular in all questions is a blind, imitating, mistaken bigot and is "among those who have divided their religion and are parties" [Qur`an 30:32]. He said, "By follows, he means someone who believes it legally obligatory for him to do so. The wording is a little incomplete."

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