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Yusuf al-Qaradawi
  Readings in Qaradawism : Part 3 : Statements of Apostasy
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This then, dear brother and sister, is the state and condition of this despicable Muftee, who utters kufr and makes mockery of the Lord Most High, and makes the Infidels, nay the Jews and Zionists, a model and guide to be followed. Then there come those deceiving, lying, surmising, treacherous Qutubists who make this man’s "fiqh of priorities" worthy of being adopted, and who remain silent about his statements of apostasy, and who desire to shelter and accommodate this Innovating Heretic and those of his likes, those who are more dangerous to Islaam and the Muslims - because the Muslims trust them and have a good opinion of them, allowing them to spread their poison and to destroy the religion – so they accommodate the likes of these and hate that they are exposed and refuted, as a protection of the society, then they accuse our Imaams and Mashaayikh of Irjaa (!!).

Know O Sunni that when you see a man defending al-Qaradawi or promoting his doctrine or promoting his writings or presenting his writings to the sons of Ahl us-Sunnah, then he has acted deceitfully to the Muslims and has aided in the destruction of Islaam, wal-Iyaadhu billaah. And if you see a man quoting al-Qaradawi or directing others to his works, whether in books or on the Internet, then know that he is an ignoramus who aids in the destruction of Islaam.

And know also that when you see a man accommodating those who accommodate the Innovators and who praise them, such as Aqeel al-Maqtaree and his likes, then know that such a one is acting deceitfully to Islaam and the Muslims. And know also that when you see a man inviting the likes of these - those who praise and aggrandise the Innovators like al-Qaradawi, the Mu’tazili Rationalist, or Mohammad Suroor, the Takfiri, Khariji, Qa’dee - to the conferences and gatherings then know that such a one has brought misguidance one step closer to the Muslims and has acted deceitfully towards them and has shown treachery to Islaam. Wal-Iyaadhu Billaah.

Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad said: "Whichever man someone comes to asking for advice and he directs him to an innovator then he has acted deceitfully towards Islam, and beware of entering upon a person of innovation since they prevent from the truth." (al-Laalikaa’ee, no.261)

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