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Introductory Materials
  An Explanation of the Truth of Monotheism
Author: Shaikh Salih al-Fawzaan
Source: Trans. M.S. Dabas
Article ID : TAW020001  [120775]  
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Although intercession is authentic and valid, it is an attribute of Allah alone as He stated in the Holy Quran "Say : To Allah belongs exclusively (the right to grant) intercession. To Him belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth." (65)

Therefore, intercession should be sought from Allah alone, and not from the graves of the pious dead and saints. Allah the Almighty has informed us about the two essential conditions for granting intercession. One concerns the intercessor. Allah has said in the Holy Quran "Who is there who can intercede in His presence except as He permits." (65) The second condition is that intercession may only be sought for a person who is a true believer who has never set up partners with Allah and with whom Allah is pleased. Allah has said in the Holy Quran "And they offer no intercession except for those who are acceptable." (66)

Also, He the Almighty has stated in the Holy Quran "No matter how many the angels are in the heavens, their intercession will avail nothing except after Allah has given leave for whom He pleases and that he is acceptable to Him." (67)

Moreover, Allah the Almighty has so stated in the Holy Quran "On that Day shafl no intercession avail except for those for whom permission has been granted by ( Allah ) Most Gracious and whose word is acceptable to Him." (68)

It is clear from the above verses that Allah has not granted the right of intercession in His presence to any one from among the angels, prophets or deities because it is His exclusive right, and it can be solicited only for Him. Allah the Almighty has said in the Holy Quran "To Allah belongs exclusively (the right to grant) intercession " (69)

Allah alone grants permission for intercession. Without His permission, no one will dare come forward to intercede in His presence. The matter is not like what happens among our people in that intercessors may approach even if they have no permission, and their intercession may be accepted against one's will if the intercessor is an influential person and can prevail. But such can-not be the case with Allah because Allah is under pressure from no one. Everyone seeks His pleasure, so one cannot present anything against Allah's rules. Man's knowledge does not comprehend everything about Allah's creatures, and, thus, he is not allowed to interfere. Allah's knowledge about His people is comprehensive and all inclusive. Therefore, He does not need anyone to inform Him about anything or recommend to Him what to do. In fact, the reality of intercession with Allah is that Allah wants to forgive certain lapses of His true servants. So, Allah grants this forgiveness through prayers by those who have permission to intercede as an honour.

SEVENTH : Another suspicion concerns the status of virtuous people and saints whom Allah has raised in dignity. Allah has said in the Holy Quran "Behold! Verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, or shafl they grieve. Those who believe and constantly guard against evil. For them are glad tidings in this life and the hereafter." (70) Thus, to be devoted to the items and ask their blessings is, in fact, an expression of love for them. Similarly, because of their exalted rank, one may seek to become nearer to Allah.

In order to clarify these suspicions, we should know that all believers are the friends of Allah. Their friendship with Allah the Almighty will depend on the strength of their belief and their good deeds, but to specifically designate an individual as Allah's friend requires evidence from the Holy Quran and Prophetic traditions. If such a case is supported by Quranic proofs, then it may be accepted ; without such proofs no one can be designated as such with certainty. Hopefully, every true believer will be a friend of Allah. If a particular individual, upon support of Quranic proofs, is from among lah's friends, then his status should not be exaggerated to excess. Such acts may lead to idolatry and, therefore, are prohibited. Good people should be imitated in deed and action, but exaggeration of their status may lead to a deification as it did in the case of the people of Noah. Allah, and the Prophet, warned about excessive exaltation of virtuous people in several verses. Allah said in the Holy Quran "Say : O people of the Book (i.e. Jews and Chris-tians) exceed not the proper bounds in your religion." (71)

Also, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said "Do not exalt me as Christians did with Mary's son. Verily, I am a human, so call be servant of Allah and His prophet." (72) In addition, Guardian Lord said in the Holy Quran "Invoke Me, I will answer your call." (73) Also he said, "When My servants ask you about Me, I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me." (74)

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