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Selected Tafsir of the Qur`an
  Tafsir of Surah an-Nazi`aat
Author: Various Authors (Ibn Kathir, Baghawi, Tabari etc.)
Source: Compiled by Dawud Burbank
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(iii) Ibn Zayd (’Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Zayd ibn Aslam), "Al-Haafirah: ‘The Fire.’ He said, ‘How many names it has. It is: An-Naar, al-Jaheem, Saqar, Jahannam, al-Haawiyah, al-Haaqirah, Ladhaa and al-Hutamah."

  • As-Sa’dee said, "They say - i.e., those in this world who deny the Resurrection, out of mockery and denial of the Resurrection, out of mockery and denial of the Resurrection - ‘Shall be returned back after death to our original form?!’ This is a question by which is meant a denial and in the form of utmost amazement deeming it to be absurd."

A‘idhaa Kunnaa ’Idhaaman-Nakhirah

At-Tabaree said, "Nakhirah: worn out/decayed. Mujaahid said, ‘Crumbled (bones).’ Qataadah said, ‘Worn out, decayed.’

Ash-Shawkaanee said, "That is: decayed and crumbled (bones) … so this is an extra emphasis upon their denial of the Resurrection, meaning, ‘Shall we after we have become crumbled bones, then be brought back and resurrected, when that is the furthest thing my life."

Qaaloo tilka idhan Karratan Khaasirah

At-Tabaree said, "He, the Majestic, says about the saying of the deniers of the Resurrection, they say, ‘That …’ meaning this resurrection to life after death, ‘… would be a return that would be a loss.’ Qataadah said, ‘Meaning: a return that would be a loss.’ Ibn Zaid (ibn Aslam) said, ‘And what loss can be greater than it. They are returned to life and then go to the Fire. So it is an evil return.’"

Al-Baghawee said, "Meaning: if we were returned after death, then we would be losers due to what we would suffer after death."

Ash-Shawkaanee said, "Meaning: a return involving loss which would come upon its people. The meaning of it is that they said, ‘If we were to be brought back after death we would certainly be losers due to that which Muhammad says we would suffer. And it is said that, Khasirah, means ‘false,’ i.e., it is something that will not be, this was said by al-Hasan and others. Ar-Rabee’ ibn Anas said, ‘It would be a loss doe those who denied it.’ Qataadah and Muhammad ibn Ka’b said, ‘Meaning: if we were brought back after death we will be in loss due to the Fire,’ and they said this because they had been promised the Fire.’"

Fa‘innamaa Hiyaa Zajratun Waahidah

  • At-Tabaree said, "He, the Most High, says,’It is just a single blast, and the Horn is blown once, and that is the Zajarah.’ Mujaahid said, ‘A blast.’ Ibn Zayd said, ‘A blast upon the horn (as-Soor),’"

  • Al-Baghawee said, "Meaning: the final blast … which they will hear."

  • Ibn Katheer siad, "So it will just be a command from Allaah, which will not be repeated or further emphasised, and the people will be standing and looking on. It is that Allaah, the Most High, will order Israafeel who will blow the Horn for the Resurrection, and that earlier and later people will be standing up before the Lord, the Mighty and Majestic."

Fa‘idhaa hum Bis-Saahirah

  • At-Tabaree said, "He, the Most High, says, ‘Then those who denied the Resurrection, who found it incredible that Allaah would bring them to life after their death, and they denied it, then they would be, ‘Bis-Saahirah,’ meaning upon the face of the earth, and the Arabs call desert ground and the face of the earth Saahirah.

Ibn ’Abbaas said, ‘Upon the earth.’ ’Ikrimah said, ‘Then they are upon the face of the earth.’ Mujaahid said, ‘A flat place.’ Qataadah said, ‘Then they will be upon the earth, after being within it.’"

Hal ataaka hadeethu Moosaa Idh Naadaahu Rabbuhoo Bil-waadil-Muqaddasi Tuwaa

At-Tabaree said, "He, the Most High, says to His Prophet Muhammad, sallallaahu ’alaihi wa salaam, ‘Has there come to you, O Muhamad, the news of Moosaa ibn ’Imraan, and have you heard the news of what occurred when his Lord called him in the purified and blessed valley … of (Tuwaa).

And the people of explanation differ about His saying, ‘Tuwaa.’ So some say it is the name of a valley. Mujaahid said, ‘Tuwaa is the name of the valley.’

Ibn Katheer said, "He, the Most High, informs His Messenger Muhammad. sallallaahu ’alaihi wa salaam, about His slave and His Messenger Moosaa, ’alaihis-salaam, that he sent him as a Messenger to the Pharoah and Allaah asked him with miracles, yet despite this he (i.e., Pharoah) continued in his unbelief and transgression, until Allaah, with full power and full might, seized and punished him, and the end of those who oppose you and deny what you come with will be likewise.

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