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Selected Tafsir of the Qur`an
  Tafsir of Surah an-Nazi`aat
Author: Various Authors (Ibn Kathir, Baghawi, Tabari etc.)
Source: Compiled by Dawud Burbank
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  • At-Tabaree said, "Wa aghtashaa lailahaa: He, the Most High, says that He made the night of the heavens dark. So He attributed the night to the heavens since the night comes with the setting of the sun, and its setting and rising takes place in the heavens – so it is attributed to them. Ibn ’Abbaas said, ‘He made it dark, (i.e., Aghtashaa) = (Adh-lamaa).’ And Mujaahid said the same. Qataadah, Ibn Zaid, Ad-Dahhaak and ’Ikrimah …"

Wa Akhraja Duhaahaa: He says He brought out its light, meaning, He manifested its day and gave light to it. And Mujaahid sais, ‘He gave light to it,’ and Qataadah said, ‘He caused its light to shine.’

  • Ash-Shawkaanee said, "Meaning, He manifested its bright day with the light of the sun, and He referred to the day as the duhaa (forenoon), since that is the most excellent and the best of its hours."

Wal-Arda Ba’da dhaalika Dahaahaa

  • At-Tabaree quotes to sayings. (i) That it means that Allaah created the earth, then created the heavens, then spread out whatever is upon the earth. (ii) That it means that Allaah created the earth and spread out whatever is upon it, then created the heavens.

Then at-Tabaree preferred the first saying, as did Ibn Katheer, ash-Shawkaanee and as-Sa’dee. He says, "Since what is well-known is that ba’da (after) is the opposite in meaning to qabl (before)." Ibn ’Abbaas said, "That He mentioned that He created the earth before the heavens, then mentioned the heavens before the earth – and that is because Allaah created the earth along with its provisions, but did not spread that out, before the heavens. Then He ascended over the Heavens and made them seven heavens. He then spread out the earth over that." Qataadah and Sufyaam both said regarding Dahaahaa, "He spread it out." Ibn Zaid said, "He planted and split it."

  • Ibn Katheer said, "He, the Most High, explained it with His saying (i.e., aayah 31) (He produced its water and plants), and it has preceded in Soorah Haa Meem as-Sajdah that the earth was created before the creation of the heavens. However, it was spread out after the creation of the heavens, meaning that He brought out of it the provision that was within it. This is what Ibn ’Abbaas and others meant, and was the preferred view of Ibn Jareer. And Ibn Abee Haatim narrated … from Sa’eed ibn Jubayr, from Ibn ’Abbaas (regarding dahaahaa, that he said), "Its spreading (dahy) is that He brought out of it its water and plants, and split rivers from it, and put mountains, sands, paths and chains of hills upon it."

  • As-Sa’dee said, "Wal-Ardaa ba’da dhaalika: i.e., after the creation of the heavens dahaahaa: He placed in it those things of benefit."

Akhraja minhaa Maa‘ahaa wa Mar’ahaa

  • At-Tabaree said, "He caused rivers to flow in it and caused its plants to grow."

  • Ibn Katheer (see previous aayah )

  • Ash-Sahwkaanee said, "Meaning, He caused rivers, oceans and springs to flow upon the earth. Wa mar’aahaa, i.e., the plants which (animals) graze upon, and this sentence is either an explanation of dahaahaa (spreading out), since it cannot be suitable for habitation by merely being spread out. Rather, that which is necessary for life, from food and drink must also be provided, or it is an explanation of its state."

Wal-Jibaala Arsaahaa

  • At-Tabaree said, "He says, ‘And He fixed the mountains firmly upon it. Qataadah, ‘Meaning, He firmly fixed them so that it should not shake with the people upon it.’"

  • Ibn Katheer said, "Meaning, ‘He caused them to be settled, firmly fixed and sound in their places, and He is the All-Wise, the All-Knowing, the One Most Kind and merciful to His creation."


Mataa’al-Laakum wali-’An’aamikum

  • At-Tabaree said, "He, the Most High, means that He created these things, and brought out from the earth water and pasture, as a benefit, and something to enjoy for a certain time period."

  • Ibn Katheer said, "Meaning, ‘He laid out the earth, caused its spring to gush out, brought out its hidden treasures, caused its rivers to flow, brought out its crops, trees and fruits, and firmly fixed its mountains, so that they with the people upon it should stable. He did all of this for it to be of benefit to His creation and for the beasts which they need for food and to ride upon. This is for the length of time which they have need of this in this world, until the time period is completed and come to an end."

Fa-idhaa Jaa‘atitaammatul-Kubraa

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