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Selected Tafsir of the Qur`an
  Tafsir of Surah an-Nazi`aat
Author: Various Authors (Ibn Kathir, Baghawi, Tabari etc.)
Source: Compiled by Dawud Burbank
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Seventhly: That in his saying, "Hal-laka" "Would you …" (lit., "Is it for you …"), contains a subtle point of benefit, which is: that the meaning is do you have a need in that, and it is known that every person with intellect would hasten to accept that since the one who calls to something will call to his own need and benefit, not to the benefit of the one he is calling. So it is as if he were saying, "It is you that has this need and you are the one who is to be purified, and I will be a guide for you and lead you to the greatest of all things beneficial for you. But he responded to this with kufr, obstinate rejection and the claim that he was the Lord of all creation …"

Wa-Ahdiyaka Ilaa Rabbika fa-Takhsha

At-Tabaree said, "He, the Most High, says to His Prophet Moosaa, ‘Say to Pharoah, ‘Would you like that I should direct you to that which will cause your Lord to be pleased with you. That being the true religion, so that you may fear, meaning you may due to fear of His punishment perform the obligatory duties He made binding upon you and avoid whatever sins He has forbidden you from."

Al-Bghawee said, "Meaning, ‘I call you to the worship of your Lord and to singling Him out with tawheed, and that you should fear His punishment.’"

Ibn Katheer said, "Fa-takhshaa" meaning, ‘So that your heart should become humble to Him, and obedient and fearful after having been hard and filthy and far removed from good."


  • At-Tabaree said, "He, the Most High, says that Moosaa showed Pharoah the greatest sign, meaning the greatest proof that he was a Messenger of Allaah, sent by Him to him. This sign was the hand of Moosaa, which when he put it out (shone) brightly for those who saw it. And his staff which visibly turned into his snake. Mujaahid said "His staff and his hand." Qataadah said, "His staff and his hand."

  • Ibn Katheer said, "Meaning Moosaa showed him, along with his true call a strong evidence and clear proof, showing the truth of what he brought from Allaah."


  • At-Tabaree said, "So Pharaoh denied by rejecting the miraculous signs which Moosaa brought to him, and he disobeyed him with regard to the command for him, for him to obey and fear his Lord."

  • Ibn Katheer said, "Meaning, so he denied the truth and contradicted the order for him to be obedient. So his heart disbelieved and did not comply with Moosaa, inwardly or outwardly. Then his knowledge that what Moosaa came with was the truth did not mean that he had eemaan in it, since knowledge – recognition – is knowledge of the heart, whereas eemaan is action and submission and compliance to the truth."

Thumma Adbara Yas-’aa

  • At-Tabaree said, "Then he turned away from the obedience to his Lord that Moosaa called him to, and away from fearing him and worshipping him alone – and he strove in doing actions of disobedience to Allaah, which would bring His Anger upon him. Mujaahid said, ‘He acted corruptly.’"

  • Al-Baghawee said, "He turned away from eemaan and performed corruption upon the earth."

  • Ibn Katheer said, "Meaning, he opposed the truth with falsehood, which was that he gathered the sorcerers to counter the clear miracles that Moosaa, ’alaihis-salaam, came with."

  • Sa’dee said, "Meaning, he strove hard in opposing and fighting the truth."

Fa-hashara Fa naadaa

  • At-Tabaree said, "So he gathered his people and his followers and called to them, saying, "I am you Lord, the Most High, such that every lord is lesser than meand the stupid fool lied. Ibn Zaid said, ‘He shouted out and gathered his people and called them. So when they gathered, he said, ‘I am your Lord, the Most High.’ So Allaah took him and punished him for the first and latter of his saying."

Fa-Qaalaa Ana Rabbukumul-A’laa

  • At-Tabaree said, "So he gathered his people and his followers and called out to them, saying, ‘I am the Lord, such that every lord is lesser than me,’—and the stupid fool lied."

Fa-Akhadhullaahu Nakaalal-Aakhirati wal-Oolaa

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